Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tractor Helmet Shoes and Other Freakish Trends

Tractor Helmet Shoes, originally uploaded by Theresa Di Moan.

These disgusting stilettos are apparently going to make an appearance on ELLE this August, according to my unsolicited sources. While the entire photo spread makes an excellent eye candy, and while I do like the use of shiny materials in shoes (just notice how many patent leather detailed shoes I have in my collection will reveal I do have a soft spot for glossy leather).
Design wise, the particular pair above seems to be taking inspiration from both tractor tires and protective gear for those among us who do a lot of roller-blading in primary colours. The whole closure apparatus seems to be suggesting this.
Could it be a metaphor for the childish nature of shoe-holics? Or is it possible that it is just an exercise in pushing the boundaries of ugliness while giving up completely on practicality?
I know I wouldn't be getting these. Or looking for them. A photo is just enough for me.

The ones below, on the other hand, seem to be classy while using some unusual design details, and, again, primary colours. I would have actually tried them on if I've seen them in shoe shop. Their texture and flow is inviting and intriguing enough to spark one's imagination.

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