Monday, July 23, 2007

Pinky's Escape

Yellow Strappy Sandal, originally uploaded by Theresa Di Moan.

Yellow strapy sandals, can't remember the brand and will have to go back and check into that. They were pretty, yes. They were even sorta comfy or at least more wearable than many other stilettos I've tried recently. However, the pinky-toe seemed to be escaping from the strap in a way that looked appealing while feeling like loosing a toe any minute. Quite a peculiar feeling, I tell ya!

What say you about the escaping pinky tow? Boo-hiss or sassy bliss?

Yellow Strappy Sandals, originally uploaded by Theresa Di Moan.

Above: this is how they make the foot arch curve in a suggestive way, as if saying "look at me!"

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