Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Beautiful Stilettos can Take Away your Beauty

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As if we didn't know that already, here comes an article about all the health risks of over-wearing stilettos and the horrible via dolorosas a woman will need to go in order to fix these.

I've always been an advocate for comfort shoes - as long as they also look cool, that is.

Fortunately, there are so many lovely flats (i.e.: just look at all the ballerina shoes I've got!) and sassy kitten heels. Nothing feels better to me than wearing a comfortable shoes all day and knowing they also look sexy.

Think twice before you wear a stiletto. Especially if you are walking or standing a lot. You may not be able to show off your sexy toes and feet forever if you overdo it.

OK, lecturing time is over. But really, we were born with such beautiful feet, I know I wouldn't want to give up on them!

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Blogger Linda said...

Thank you for this very interesting post, Theresa! I read the article and was horrified, especially when I learned that some women have their pinky toes removed to accommodate narrow shoes. As for those really high YSLs! I have to admit that I like to wear something to increase my height (being only 5 feet) but I tend to go for - at most - 3 inches, and then with a chunky heel. I've wasted a lot of money buying stilettos which look great but are impossible to walk in. Vanity, vanity...
Best wishes!

11:55 AM  
Blogger Theresa di Moan said...

Quite horrific indeed!
As far as vanity goes - I like my feet to look pretty outside a shoe too!
I can't imagine they'd look very pretty if I cut off some of my toes. No pointy shoe, however artistic or fashionable, deserves that kind of sacrifice!
I've got many high heels (up to 3 I guess) but I wouldn't wear them for a full day. Just for a night out or when I know I don't need to walk much. For walking lots I have plenty of stylish shoes that are comfortable and with a low or no heel.

8:25 AM  

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