Friday, August 17, 2007

Absolute Favourite Femme Fatale Makeup!

Found this Kohl version of Guerlain at Shoppers Drug Mart today, and everything about it is just fabulous. The packaging, the kohl... The fact that it's so readily portable in a purse or a pocket. And it's not too expensive either. I almost forgot all about kohl. Definitley the best way to add make up to my eyes. SOmething I discovered at the age of 10 when we had to dress up like bedouins for a class project. All the girls wore face covers, and I brought this kohl and got all of them to accentuate their beautiful eyes - the only thing that left of our faces!
On another note, I thought I'd share with you two other favourite eye make up of mine:
Bad Gal Lash mascara from Benefit (the tagline for this is that it's like false eyelashes, pretty close!).
And last but not least - Shiseido's Liquid Eyeliner Pen- it comes with cartridges! No need to dip in the brush, you just press a button on top to squeeze more "ink". It makes the most perfect lines ever, as the brush has just the right shape and thickness. Perfect for a 1940's- 1950's movie star look! It's the most expensive makeup I've ever bought, but there is no way of going back now. It's the best eyeliner. Ever.

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Blogger Linda said...

Amazing! We are like minded: I have the Guerlain kohl (isn't it great to use?) and also the Badgal, in blue, too. It certainly does the trick for my sparse eyelashes. Anyway, I hope you are having a great weekend,

7:41 AM  
Blogger Theresa di Moan said...

The kohls is just stunning! And so easy to apply too. I didn't know the BadGal came in blue - I've got the black. It's amazing how longer they make my eyelashes look, kinda scary, actually...

10:34 PM  

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