Friday, May 18, 2007

Trendspotting: Sorta 80's Shiny Pointy Flats

When an entire decade, fashion-wise, groove comes the second time around, it can be a bit unnerving. This is probably due to two reasons:
1) It make you remember your crappy adolescence
2) It make you realize that you are probably considered old right now, because you were adolescent when all this yucky stuff came out, and you are the only one to be embarrassed when being reminded of those days...

Now, those bright neon leggings, mismatched colourful leather jackets, huge loop earrings and patent leather pointy boots might be cool if you've never seen them before (except for in Pretty in Pink and Wall Street); but if you worn that inferior trashy style when you were 13 and got your first pimple and was depressed because you mom didn't get why you want to dress like that, you won't find this whole 80's thing going on now to be quite a demeaning experience.

In the light of all of the above, it is quite refreshing to find things that could, theoretically, appear in the 80's and match that vulgar fashion phase, yet are just ever so slightly different, contemporarily graceful and elegant, and utterly wearable.

Such is the new "Shoe Family" from Fluevog - The 11th Hour. These shiny pointy flats are just so adorable you want to purchase them by the bulk, in all colours. They are made of an interesting hybrid between suede and patent leather, giving them the best of both worlds: the buttery softness of suede along the glamorous futuristic shine of patent leather. The patent leather treatment was applied to little diamonds on the suede, therefore retaining the flexibility and softness of that particular leather breed. They come in two designs - Tardy (balerina flat) and Lately (Mary Jane), ad in three appropriately bold colours: black, red and yellow.

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