Monday, May 03, 2010

And here we go again...

But now, I learned from mistakes, so I've invented a new rule for blind dating: not to date when you are desperate. Ever. Not that I really did that the first time around. Just sayin'.

And the new trick I discovered to avoid desperation is to date when you don't feel like you have to or have the urge, but already got something going already. This just prevents turning some mishaps in the dating world into yet another failed relationship. It's like... not going shopping when you're hungry?

Second round

Sorry for all of you thirsty for foot-footage and toe coverage. I'm much more into writing about dating or topics these days than anything else.

So here we go again... I'm not really into dating again. Yet. Or ever. But I'm not into putting myself into storage either.

Everything feels great these days. Whatever wounds I had have closed up and from the outside you could never tell that my heart was ever broken. Only I know that I probably just don't have a heart anymore.

Yeah, I became one of those North American bitches that only care about themselves. Blah blab blah. Well, that's not true. I do care about a few other people besides myself, who actually deserve it. But as for any future candidates of seriously entering into my wonderful life? I say no thank you!

Over with broken hearts. Over with relationships. Over with all the non-sense of adjusting who I really am to some stranger who stirred up some chemicals in my brain. I'm entering any interaction with caution. And for the first time, I can do it and still feel myself.

How needs a boyfriend when you can have virtual lovers to text to, flirt with and find out they are your neighbor 2 years down the road when you can actually use them? I'm surprised at myself that I don't give a damn anymore.