Friday, August 31, 2007

A Narcissist's Dream: 8 in 1 Dress

Sara Robson is one of Vancouver's most talented designers. Her line, Narcissist Design, is most famous for its fantastic signature dresses, and in particular - the little black dresses. Chanel has invented these as we all know, but Ms. Robson has injected them with contemporary innovation.

One of my most favourite dresses ever was a one-of-a-kind sample of a strechy woolen black & blush little black dresses a-la-Chanel (the contrasting colours, stitch details and ruffled frontline were very Chanelesque without looking even the tiniest bit cliché). In the meantime, I have grown out of it size wise, which left me a very unhappy woman, who needs to constantly compensate for the lack of that dress with buying more funky shoes...

Last week, I was unable to control myself as I passed by the Narcissist boutique on Main street and dared come in to finally try their 8-in-1 Pamela dress – a cocktail dress/evening gown that can be worn in more than 8 different styles, as you can see for yourself in this video. The poly-spandex textile allows for maximum flexibility and fit, and the innovative cut can be shaped into many different styles, including ones that require no bra whatsoever. This dress is perfect fro travel.

The reason I was unable to stay bound to reason and budget was that one dress, my size, arrived that morning in the most unusual colour combination of dark brown (almost black) and cream interior (my favourite colour combination). Knowing I am not likely to find it again in that perfect colour, I figured I should just go hungry for a couple of weeks while feeling absolutely fabulous in this flattering innovative dress (and while I’m at it, I might even drop a few pounds, who knows, and finally fit into the other dress I mentioned before).

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Blogger Keith L. Jennings said...

What a stunning dresses it is! I never saw this before. It’s really so beautiful and gorgeous like my long dress for women . The color and design are so fabulous. The dresses are so lovely and preferable. I love it and need to purchase one of it. Lovely post and thanks.

7:30 PM  

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