Friday, April 20, 2007

Black Shoes and White Orchids

Remember the shoes I told you I've got as a birthday present? Well, here they are, finally! And aren't they ever adorable!

They remind me of Alice in Wonderland for some reason. The straps close with a large round button that is black. If the button was white, it would have been perfect... The kitten heels are short and sturdy, and I they won't get stuck in little holes on the pavement the way some of them do...

I know the lighting could use some improvement, and I will be taking more photos in daylight and post them on my Flickr account for your future reference and admiration.

My granny gave them to me. She is ever so sweet. But not just because of her exemplary generosity and kindness of spirit (she always says she wants to give her grandchildren with a warm, living hand, not a cold one from the grave and jokes when she wonders what will run out first: her money or her life...). My grandma is also the most lively 80+ I've ever seen, she has a boyfriend (I don't even have one for crying out loud, and I am 50+ years younger than her!), travels the world without suffering from jet lag (in a minute you'll see what happens to ME when I'm in Jet Lag LOL!), and never complains about pain or anguish.

I am wearing them here with my favourite nylons - sheer and glittery to flatter the subtle toe cleavage of the shoe.

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