Friday, April 20, 2007

Ink Transfusion

Or: What NOT to do when you have a Jet Lag...

Ink Transfusion 01, originally uploaded by Theresa Di Moan.

It was half past the 23rd hour, and I was still awake, searching the drawers for a black inkjet refill so I can continue my printing job. The only one I found was from an R.I.P. inkjet who became defunct when my than-boyfriend tried to print a blank puzzle for our daughter. It looks just about the same as the one I need. I try to put it in, and it sorts of fits. I punch in control-P, and the printing job is rejected. "If only he would have listened to me six months ago, I could use this ink tank with it" goes my jet-lagged, sleep deprived brain, unable to notice the ridiculousness of the thought (obviously, if that inkjet printer was still alive, this black ink tank would have been empty by now!).

The drugstore is already closed but I refuse to give in toand go to bed. Instead, a brilliant idea pops into my mind. I used a corkscrew to punch a hole in the full ink tank, hoping to use a fine eye dropper to transfer the ink to the old empty one (the one that fits my current inkjet printer). As soon as I punch the hole, the other side starts dripping black splatters of ink all over the counter! I have to change plans and do it fast. I take a miniature funnel (one that is often sold along with little purse sprays). I stick it in the hole I punched in the empty ink tank, and start the ink transfusion...

The result: the printer has once again rejected the ink tank, insisting that it's empty and that continuing the job may result in a damaged printer. Somehow, my jet-lagged brain realizes that the letter I wanted to print is not urgent enough to risk another broken printer. And anyways, my mission was accomplished: I spent the entire evening taking photos of this weird operation and writing about it. A fine way to spend a night avoiding my real problems (returning from a long trip, sleepless, to a home without my sweetheart, and to top it all off - to find my house in a complete pre-painting mess).

Ink Transfusion 03, originally uploaded by Theresa Di Moan.

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