Thursday, April 05, 2007

Trial Socks

Trial Socks 01, originally uploaded by Theresa Di Moan.

Most trial socks suck. Of course, they are not meant to be durable or elegant; They are just there for the sockless or nyloneless customers, and are designed to just add the extra layer and feel so that you know more or less how the shoe will feel when worn with nylons. And of course, they have to be super cheap and come out of what looks like a tissue box. They usually look like a cross between a dirty cobwebs and a tied sausage baggy. They hang loosely in an indefinite location between the ankle and the heel and look like they are tied at the toe like a baloon’s ass.

These ones, however, which I used when trying on shoes at Gazith, can pass as real nylons. Cheap ones can look very sexy sometimes, especially when they are made of that fine knit of very thin thread, making it seem transparent and feel like a finely dusted spider web. But they must look like socks and be constructed as ones. The elastic around the ankle is precise and even and actually knows were it is, which also helps when trying a variety of shoe heights when in store.

Curious to know which shoes I got at Gazith? Wait for the next post!

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