Thursday, March 22, 2007

Spring Break Up

Moccasine Boots 05, originally uploaded by Theresa Di Moan.

My original intention for this blog was to celebrate the kinky fun of shoes. Little did I know what this spring would hold for me. I never thought spring could be so sad, it’s always been a happy season for me. I never thouhg I would have a break-up in spring. It’s such a beautiful, happy season and I am always in good along with the tweeting horny birds and the erotic display of flowers. Even my birthday is in the spring, so you will always happy at this time of year. But not this time around, because this is what happened. Me and my beloved and most dear foot-fetishist boyfriend are broken up. My heart is broken up. And so I am afraid that I will be using this blog as a shoulder to cry on and not just as a happy shoe and fashion show off as I intended.
It will be really sad to not be able to share my shoe fetish with him anymore (unless we get together again, which is not improbable, as we still love each other very much). I am going to need this blog even more than ever to ease the pain…

Shoes: Hush Puppies' Genie boots - suede moccasin style
Socks: Brown leggings and nude ankle socks
Bag: Handcrafted from a craft show

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