Wednesday, November 07, 2007

See You In Hell Pedicure

See You In Hell, originally uploaded by Theresa Di Moan.

My last visit to the pedicurist left me inspired to get more creative with my own pedicure... When browsing the drugstore isles I spotted this affordable rheinstone "kit" for decorating toenails... The photo doesn't show very well the fact that there are rheinstones there. Their shine is kind of weird that way. But what you really get is an effect of utter gloss to the point of wetness. Which is good sometimes... I made these especially for one of my dance sessions- one of the rare occasions where you'll find me wearing an open toe in November!

In three steps, even you can get this glamorously trashy look of super-shiny toenails:
1) Paint nails with desired nailpolish colour
2) Place a matching rheinstone on each toe (they usually come in clear, pink or blue)
3) Apply an overcoat or a clear nailpolish overtop the rheinstone to set it in place

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Blogger LIFE JUNKIE said...

I just blinged the peds and love it. Thanks!

10:01 AM  

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