Friday, June 15, 2007

Tango Talk

Tango legs, originally uploaded by dark_mephi.

What can be more odd than a guy who wants to" talk about it"?
Probably a guy who wants to talk instead of dancing tango with you. Rather, discuss why he thinks your moves are wrong, and how it's too bad your are not 10 inches taller!
Yes, it happened to me today. Only my second tango class, and this guy, who seems to be a complete loser, thinks he knows everything and needs to teach me how to dance.
Just because the guys are suppose to lead (or learn how to lead). doesn't mean they are suppose to tell you what to do in the dance. Some don't seem to get it though. They want to get a full control over everything, including your ears. I wish I could say "just shut up and let the instructors do the teaching"!
Instead, I just said "let's just dance and stop talking". Than I went home and found myself locked out because left my keys at home, and the babysitter (aka my brand-new X) was taking a shower and didn't answer the buzzer!
Of course, he didn't bother putting his shirt on properly when he got out. If I'd done that, I would get into trouble "seducing him". Apparently he thinks it's ok to do it. Than twenty minutes later, instead of just leave and let be he need to ask me how I'm doing, just to have the pleasure of seeing me crying.
Aside from that, it was a fine night. Dancing could never be funner (except for Mr. too-tall know-it-all and never-shut-up guy and so on).

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