Thursday, November 29, 2007

Wolfords Convertible Tights: Part II

A couple of months ago, I shared with you my drooling over these convertible tights. It took me a while to finally make a stop at Wolford, and check them out closely. Normally, you’d think I’d be coming out with an extra bag to carry. This time, the visit just made one step farther from acquiring this seemingly useful pair of cozy tights.

I’m used to Wolford’s crazy prices. In fact, I can in expecting to pay at least $100 (and more likely, $150) for these tights. Most of their “normal” tights range between $55-$60, with an occasional $100 price point. I am more than happy to pay for quality (apparently, their tights last longer, but we’ll see about that! Do you really think the amount of money you spend on tights will avoid them having runs, or, more commonly, get that unholy holey socks situation, where your toes are popping out from every direction?
I think I lived on this planet long enough to not buy into that scheme. Unless the pantyhose is really, and I mean REALLY, cool.

Or maybe not. If you haven’t checked the price for these convertible tights, can you guess it? Probably not. I’ll tell you how much it was: $300. Nothing less, nothing more (except for 14% taxes, that is). Why? Because “Wolford is a luxury brand”, according to the friendly sales associate, who looked at me and my sorry self carrying my belongings in a backpack from the gym, with a knowing smile (read: “oh, she’s obviously not a customer material…” – you know, the kind of look you get from people who work in Hermes or Chanel that make you want to prove to them that you are so stylish and capable, you can squeeze a $500 bill out of your minimum-wage bi-weekly payckeck without even blinking). It’s also merino wool, but who cares? Who wants merino wool tights anyways? All I care is that they are convertible. Even the colors are not that great (yeah, right… nice try convincing yourself).

You all know I went home without them. Otherwise you would’ve seen a picture of my legs posing in them, instead of the very same photo of the lucky manikin from two months ago.

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