Saturday, February 17, 2007

Pink Purse

Pink Purse, originally uploaded by Theresa Di Moan.

This crescent shaped hot pink faux-leather purse is one of my favourites. It's equally stylish and practical - a rare phenomenon. And what more, it cost me only $18 at the shoe repair shop on Davie @ Jervis.

There are a couple of compartments inside - one with a zipper, where I keep my make-up and pens etc., and one that seems to be waiting to nestle a cellphone. Personally, I prefer the lace-up pockets at the tip of each side of the crescent for the cell phone. Saves the time required for digging and unzipping...

The contents of the bag as seen in the photo above:
Lash mascara by BeneFit
Clinique's Color Surge Impossibly Glossy lipgloss in Prettiest Pink (#102)
Agent Provocateur's purse perfume
Stella in Two Amber solid perfume
My Motorola flip-phone which shows the time when the picture was taken. This should be the sole purpose of it's existence if you ask me...

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